Rapid Application Development Reinvented

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Welcome to ProQuality! This inaugural blog post introduces some key features and benefits of the ProQuality Way — our unique Accelerated Application Development methodology. This methodology is grounded in our unique enterprise application development framework and our adapted agile development process.


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The ProQuality Way is inspired by the goals of Rapid Application Development model; however, those goals are realized in a fundamentally different manner. That difference produces solutions that achieve greater efficiency, higher quality, and superior ROI than solutions based on traditional RAD and agile approaches. This blog post will introduce key attributes which will be expanded upon in subsequent posts.


According to Wikipedia, Rapid Application Development is defined as follows:

Rapid application development (RAD) is both a general term used to refer to alternatives to the conventional waterfall model of software development as well as the name for James Martin’s approach to rapid development. In general, RAD approaches to software development put less emphasis on planning tasks and more emphasis on development. …


ProQuality’s RELAX™-powered Solution Replication and adapted agile software development process achieves the goal of rapid development; but inverts the distribution of effort to put more emphasis on discovering and satisfying customer needs and less effort on development.

This is possible because of two unique aspects of the ProQuality approach:

  1. RELAX™ framework – driven Technology Abstraction, Solution Catalog and Solution Replication
  2. Adapted agile method featuring 1 week sprints that require just 2 hours of client time per sprint


RELAX™ Platform and Efficiencies:

The RELAX™ platform is architected to enable a great reduction in development effort, which in turn permits laser-focused attention on business needs. This enables on-time, in-budget delivery, enhancement and maintenance of solutions that continuously align with customer needs and drives superior ROI.


RELAX Platform Overview

Technology abstraction is the foundation of the RELAX™ platform and underlying thesis:

Abstracting technology from the development equation can reduce inefficiencies and permit greater focus on solving the business problem.


Technology Abstraction removes the work effort and attendant challenges associated with the technology element in software development. Example technology elements and challenges abstracted by RELAX include: Security, Internationalization, Exception Handling and Performance. RELAX™ eliminates much of the effort associated with caring for these critical elements with automated integration and ongoing management of these elements in the final solution.

The RELAX™ Solution Catalog contains numerous components crafted to solve common business problems. These components implement tested and proven solution patterns derived from real-world business challenges and IT solutions. As a result, the discovery and Solution Replication process is laser-focused on understanding the business problem, the information technology context that the solution must be integrated into, mapping these insights to existing solution catalog components, and identifying business rules and any new components that may be required. Because of RELAX™ platform efficiencies, the coding effort is almost entirely reduced to addressing these last two elements (building new components and implementing business rules).

Adapted Agile Process

The ProQuality agile process is structured to enable  evergreen  applications.  Evergreen applications continuously adapt to changing client business, functional and IT environmental changes.

Our process consists of an initial solution replication sprint and ongoing weekly business sprints typically requiring only 2-2.5 hours of client time per sprint. This process, illustrated below:

ProQuality Agile Process

The ProQuality Way produces complex enterprise solutions in 1/10 the time of traditional software delivery methodologies, while achieving higher quality and superior ROI.

Subsequent blog posts will provide additional detail into RELAX™, Solution Replication, Agile process and Evergreen Solutions.

Stay tuned .. or contact us to learn more or request a FREE Proof Of Concept to directly experience The ProQuality Way!

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